Ken Block takes on Lewis Hamilton in Barbados

People can often be heard muttering and mumbling about how the Top Gear boys "have the best job in the world".
Well, if driving exotic supercars around the south of France or exploring the Arctic Circle wasn't enough to have you green with envy, the fact that Clarkson, May and Hammond recently hosted Top Gear Live from balmy Barbados, probably is.

The cheeky trio were joined by two other megastars in the shape of Ken Block and Lewis Hamilton at the weekend, who promptly went about racing each other in their respective vehicles.

Block attacked dirt jumps and loose gravel surfaces in his beefed-up Ford Fiesta rally cross car, while Hamilton clung to the Tarmac in his Mercedes AMG Pertronas Formula 1 racer.

The two speed machines crossed paths multiple times around the Bushy Park circuit but the race was extremely close, Block's four-wheel drive 'Hoonigan' machine gaining an advantage over the rough stuff and Hamilton's highly tuned Mercedes dominating the straights.

Unfortunately, the race wasn't captured in its entirety on video but the clips below give a nice overview of proceedings.

And now take a look at what Ken Block has been getting up to...

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