Britain's "most miserable place" named and shamed

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The most miserable place to live in Britain is East London, according to a survey of nearly 50,000 people across the country.

The results reveal that people are happier up North than they are in the south: someone living in Hull or Preston is generally happier than someone living in Twickenham in London or Oxford, for example.

And the North Yorkshire spa town of Harrogate (below) was crowned as the happiest place to live.

England, North Yorkshire, Harrogate, Town centre view

According to the survey, which was carried out by property website Rightmove, Inverness in Scotland came second in the "happy home" index, while Taunton, Stockport, Falkirk, Hull, Preston and Truro were also named as being among the top 10 happiest places to live in the country. Words and photos: PA.

Respondents were asked questions such as how proud they are of their home, whether they are satisfied with how it is decorated, how safe they feel in their community, whether they have enough living space, how friendly the neighbours are and whether they worry about the value of their property.

Despite the strength of demand currently being felt in the London property market and the average price tag in the capital standing at around £459,000, the 10 places where people reported the lowest levels of satisfaction with where they live were all situated within London.

East London was named as the place where people are least happy out of all 111 places ranked, with Ilford, Croydon, East Central London, Twickenham, Harrow and West London also making the bottom ten list.

East Londoners ranked their area bottom of the survey for neighbourliness and were also the least satisfied with their home decoration, while those living in Croydon voted their area the least safe place to live.

Meanwhile, the popular London commuter belt areas of St Albans and Guildford came in 12th and 13th place respectively in terms of the happiest places to live.

Oxford came in 44th place in the happiness rankings and Cambridge was positioned at number 59, putting both cities behind Newport in South Wales which was at number 42 and Middlesbrough in the North East which was at number 39.

Rightmove said Harrogate scored top in the survey for safety, its sense of neighbourliness and recreation and this is the second year running that the town has come first in the overall index. The average house asking price in Harrogate is £309,133, which is around £37,000 higher than the national average.

With its grand hotels and bustling tea rooms, Harrogate has long been a popular attraction for visitors looking to sample its sulphurous spring water.

Councillor Michael Newby, Mayor of the Borough of Harrogate, welcomed the findings, saying: "The district has some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK, if not in Europe and beyond.

There is also a great community feel, which certainly makes life a lot happier for many people."

Lifelong Harrogate resident Will Linley, director of sales and letting agency Linley and Simpson, said: "People here have a good quality of life, with low unemployment, low crime rates, a sought-after range of schools from which to choose and an abundance of green space in the heart of the town as well as on its rural outskirts."

The survey also found that people living in Kirkcaldy in Fife feel they have the most space to live in comfortably, while those living in West Central London feel they have the least. Rightmove said that someone living in the Kirkcaldy area could buy a six-bedroom house with eight acres of land for less than £800,000, but in West Central London this amount of money would only stretch to buy a one-bedroom flat.

Meanwhile, people living in Preston, Lancashire were found to take the greatest pride in their home. Nottingham home owners were found to be least worried about the value of their property, and people living in Hereford were the most likely to say they are contented with in their current property rather than moving somewhere else.

Residents living in Blackburn, Lancashire were the most likely to say they choose to spend money on their home even if they do not have to.

Llandrindod Wells was named as the happiest place to live in Wales, coming in 19th position in the overall ranking, while Cardiff came in at number 54.

Edinburgh came in 78th position in the overall rankings while Glasgow was at number 53.

Here are the 10 happiest places to live in Britain, according to Rightmove:

1. Harrogate, Yorkshire and the Humber

2. Inverness, Scotland

3. Taunton, South West

4. Stockport, North West

5. Falkirk, Scotland

6. Norwich, East Anglia

7. Hull, Yorkshire and the Humber

8. Preston, North West

9. Truro, South West

10. Telford, West Midlands

Here are the 10 least happy places to live, according to Rightmove (all 10 regions are in London):

1. East London

2. Ilford

3. Croydon

4. East Central London

5. Twickenham

6. Enfield

7. North London

8. Harrow

9. South East London

10. West London

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Britain's "most miserable place" named and shamed

Hemel Hempstead was named Britain's Ugliest Town in a poll in August 2013, run by the team behind the Crap Towns publications. Out of the 3,000 people who voted, the town got 785 votes.

Second place went to Luton,with 592 votes.
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Britain's "most miserable place" named and shamed

According to the Met Office, Eastbourne is the sunniest place in the UK. With beautiful coastal scenery and plenty of Vitamin D to go around, Eastbourne residents have plenty to be happy about. 

Rightmove surveyed 40,000 people on 110 towns to find the happiest residents and Harrogate came out on top. According to the report, Northerners are happier about where they live than Southerners, with nine of the ten ‘unhappiest’ locations in Greater London. 
Fleet in Hampshire has been named the happiest place to live in the UK for the last three years running. The annual Halifax Quality of Life survey found that the town scored highly on everything from weather to employment. Residents of the area are also among the healthiest in the country, with 97.4% reporting to be in good health.  

According to the Office of National Statistics, people who live in rural areas are happiest. Those living in Orkney report the highest levels of life satisfaction, self-worth and happiness across the whole of the UK. They also report low levels of anxiety. 

Stockport in Manchester came second to Harrogate in Rightmove's 2013 happiness report. The area is surrounded by scenic loacations including Alderley Edge, Buxton and Cheadle. 

Travel site Jetpac analysed 100 million Instagram photos in an attempt to build a recommendation system based on geotagged images. According to the results, Belfast is the happiest city, specifically the Parlour Bar in the city.

Ipswich came third in Rightmove's happiest places in the UK report. The report also found that residents of Ipswich were the most contented residents in the country.

In Jetpac's innovative Instagram survey, Bournemouth proved to be the second happiest place in the UK. 
Exeter topped Rightmove's list of 110 locations for neighbourliness. 
Fleet in Hampshire has been named the happiest place to live in the UK for the last three years running. The annual Halifax Quality of Life survey found that the town scored highly on everything from weather to employment. Residents of the area are also among the healthiest in the country, with 97.4% reporting to be in good health.  
The town of Thaxted offers cheap property in comparison to the surrounding area of Essex. The countryside town also offers easy access to London making it the second happiest town in the UK, according to the Halifax Quality of Life survey. 

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