River Monsters star comes face-to-face with giant 20ft man-eating anaconda (video)

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River Monsters star Jeremy Wade got up close and personal with a deadly 20ft anaconda in the latest edition of his famous show on the Animal Planet.

Jeremy was on the lookout for a creature responsible for a series of human deaths in Porto de Moz, deep in the rainforest of Brazil.

He was navigating the Amazon River when he stumbled across the enormous snake that he estimated to be 20ft long and 200lbs.

The British TV star had gone to the area after a man's body had been found with huge bruises on his neck and torso, with numerous crushed bones in his body, reports the Daily Mail.

While he was in the area, he found there were a number of other people who had gone missing in the local waters.

After finding the giant anaconda, he came to the conclusion that he had found the creature responsible for the deaths.

An anaconda is a large, non-venomous snake found in tropical South America, and is one of the largest snakes in the world.

In the Amazon, they can grow up to 22ft long, but reports of anacondas 35 ft to 40ft long exist.

There is currently a $50,000 cash reward for anyone who can find a specimen more than 30 ft long.

The news comes just has David Beckham shared the first pictures from his journey to the Brazilian jungle for his upcoming BBC documentary. Let's hope he stayed out of the water.

Jeremy, however, is of course quite used to coming across terrifying creatures in river across the world.

Back in December 2011, he won tug of war with a giant deadly stingray in Argentina.

The 53-year-old caught the 20-stone animal - the biggest and deadliest freshwater fish in the world - after an epic four-hour battle to catch it.

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