Man creates UK holiday home with world's first 'beach room': Pictures

Ruth Doherty

Sad to see the back of the heatwave? One innovative holiday home owner has created a beach in his front room in a bid for more guaranteed sunshine this summer.

Conjuring images of St Tropez or the Bahamas, the plush holiday home is complete with real sand, palm trees and deck chairs - but the luxury beach house is actually in Dymchurch, Kent.

Powered by cutting edge Swedish technology that replicates natural sunlight, it's the only beach room of its kind in the world and it's even possible to get a tan.

Guests can heat the room to 33C as they listen to the sound of waves lapping at the shore and are cooled by a gentle breeze thanks to a surround-sound stereo and a wind fan.

But the retreat comes without the price tag of a foreign holiday or the harmful skin damage exposure to the sun can bring as the dangerous UV rays have been filtered to a safe level.


It's such a lifelike replica for the natural glow from real sunlight, the holiday home has even been popular among people with seasonal affective disorder looking to rid themselves of the winter blues.

As well as the beach room, the three-bedroom 17th century cottage is complete with a cinema room, a Jacuzzi bath and an open plan dining room and kitchen.

For £1200, up to six adults can spend a week out of season sunning themselves on the 'beach'.

And if the weather does turn out to be good enough to go outside, the luxury retreat is just a stone's throw from the Kent coastline and a private beach for guests.

Owner Karl Emanuelsson, 38, said: "The beach is invigorating - it really lifts you.

"People are so intrigued by the idea of sunning themselves inside when the weather outside is awful - especially in the winter.

"With the sand and the palm trees and the DJ decks, it's ready for a real beach party or just a relaxing day on the shore.

"My family and I love it and so do guests."

Jess Waters from, which takes bookings for the cottage, said: "The Beach Sun Retreat is popular as you aren't reliant on the British climate to be entertained on holiday there.

"With the beach room, the mini cinema and the sun loungers it would be hard to go out even if the weather outside was good.

"We've seen more Brits looking to holiday in the UK, perhaps due to financial pressures at the moment. This way you get the sun, sea and sand without having to step on a plane - it's the best of both worlds."

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