Drivers without telematics 'could be refused insurance'

Drivers urged to fit telematics devicesPic: Getty

Drivers who refuse to fit telematics devices to their cars could be refused insurance in the future, industry experts have warned.

The black box-style systems, which monitor driver behaviour, including the number of journeys made, speed and braking, will be fitted as standard on all new cars as of October next year, and according to research by the Boston Consulting Group, by 2020, around 50 per cent of all cars will have such a device on board.

Insurers are now urging motorists to fit telematics to older vehicles in order to bring down premiums for safe drivers, and experts claim insurance could be refused, or at least expect to pay a higher premium, if they do not.

Ofir Eyal, from Boston Consultin Group, told the Daily Mail: "We are aware of insurers considering whether they should only take on new customers with telematics. We can see a situation where insurers will only be interested in certain types of customers, such as those who are willing to take a telematics policy."

Critics, however, have expressed concerns over data privacy should all vehicles be fitted with the devices.
Emma Carr, from Big Brother Watch, said: "Forcing drivers to have a telematics device installed in their car, capable of recording and transmitting exactly where and when they are driving, is totally unacceptable.

"There is a clear risk drivers will lose total control over who has access to their data and how they will use it."

Pete Williams, of the RAC, insisted efforts were being made to ensure that data would be retained by the motorist, and claimed telematics would be "a good thing" for the majority of drivers.

What do you think? Should all motorists be forced to fit a telematics device, or would you be concerned about data privacy? Leave your comments below..
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