Britain's dream home revealed

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A new study has revealed the types of home we most-commonly think of when we're describing our dream property. We're apparently not too bothered by the super-mansions of the mega-rich, we don't have a taste for swimming pools and media rooms.

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A study by Ocean Finance asked people what they would prefer: a castle, a country cottage, a converted barn, a converted church, a farmhouse, a city townhouse, a terrace, a flat, or a bungalow. They found that by far the most common 'dream property' was the detached house - chosen by a fifth of people.

This was followed by the cottage, the farm, the bungalow and then the castle - the city townhouse and terrace were the least-favoured - followed by a barn or church conversion.

A separate study by Primelocation found that this detached home should ideally be Victorian or Edwardian, have five bedrooms, and be situated in the South West. London was only chosen as the idea home for 14% of people, and just 5% chose a large city or town other than London - a rural idyll was by far the most popular choice, followed by a small country town.

Rather than long lists of millionaire trappings like swimming pools, hot tubs and underground gyms, people listed their priorities as a large garden, a garage and a walk-in wardrobe. Meanwhile, in a separate study by Banner homes, a comfy sofa and a large fridge were on the list of vital attributes of our dream property.

They added that we don't want complete isolation - and we'd like our closest neighbours a few yards away. Ideally, Zoopla found, we'd like it to be Colin Firth or Cheryl Cole.

To get this ideal property, the top end of the price bracket is around £3 million - for which you'd get your own mini estate, or a striking statement property in the most desirable towns in Cornwall.

At the other end of the spectrum, £200,000 would buy you a number of five bedroom bungalows in some of the less glamorous Cornish towns or a fixer-upper in Plymouth. For many people, this means that their theoretical dream home would cost roughly the same as a studio flat in Fulham.

Maybe this means it's time to stop dreaming and start house-hunting. But what do you think? Is this your dream?

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