Terrifying moment wolf attacks toddler at zoo (video)

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A two-year-old girl was mauled by a wolf while at a zoo with her family in Belgrade, Serbia.

The toddler was walking with her parents when the 10-month-old wolf attacked her at Belgrade Zoo.

Footage of the attack was released and shows the wolf cub on a leash before it lunges at the girl.

Serbian daily the Telegraf reports that the animal's handler was distracted by her mobile phone.

According to Nine MSN, Vuk Bojovic, the zoo's director said: "It is a polar wolf that was manually brought up and fed, it is not aggressive and acts like a dog.

"Any individual that is aggressive is not released from its cage. We have been in contact with parents and we will offer help if needed."

The zoo said it was normal for wolf cubs to be walked in public spaces, the Metro reports.

The toddler was taken to hospital with minor injuries and released two days later.

Last year, a two-year-old girl and her mother were mauled by a Brazilian tapir during a day out at Dublin Zoo.

They were attacked during a supervised visit within an enclosure.

The girl's mother was injured when she tried to save her child.

A first aid team immediately attended to the mother and child.

A spokesperson for Dublin Zoo said: "Management at the zoo has launched an investigation into this regrettable occurrence and is reviewing all of its procedures with respect to supervised animal visits.

"Dublin Zoo would like to underline this was very much an isolated incident. We would also like to emphasise that our immediate concern is the health and wellbeing of the visitors involved in this accident.

"The staff of Dublin Zoo is deeply upset by this incident and we reiterate strongly that their upmost concern lies with the visitors and their speedy recovery."

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