Amazing save from truck driver tackling crazy winds on Kansas highway

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A truck was almost blown over in 60mph winds on a Kansas highway before its driver made an amazing save.

A video filmed from a passenger in the vehicle behind shows the truck leaning more than 45 degrees to the right at one point and the driver managing to straighten it just before making a turn and crashing into a roadside fence.

Jeff Steinberg, owner and instructor at APEX CDL Institute, told Fox Carolina: "That driver deserves a medal. That was a great driving manoeuvre there."

Steinberg added: "He did the only thing you could do, which was a perfect reaction to turn in the wind. There's no way to actually teach that."

Last year, a lorry teetered over the edge of a bridge - in a scene reminiscent of the famous end of the movie The Italian Job.

Police found the large goods vehicle dangerously close to falling off the M6, after it left the main carriageway travelling northbound at Calthwaite, Cumbria, and coming to rest hanging over a road bridge.

The incident saw the trailer hanging over the bridge with a refrigerated unit filled with tins of food.

The road passing under the bridge was closed by quick-thinking members of the public working nearby, before being fully closed by Divisional Officers.

Nobody was injured in the accident, but the air ambulance attended the scene to check on the driver, who was taken to Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle, for a check-up.

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