Video: Road rage driver nearly kills bystander

Russian car crash

"Keep calm and carry on". It's not just a wartime slogan that's spawned a multitude of irritating variants; it's also sage advice for those whom the red mist descends when they're cut up on the road.
Escalating an incident of road rage by trying to get your own back on the inconsiderate driver who's nearly caused you to have an accident is never a good idea, as the video below proves.

Yes, it's those crazy Russians with their dash-cams again. This particular clip shows an altercation between two drivers, as one blocks off the other's attempt to merge lanes.

The miffed driver, piloting a black Lada, then exacts his revenge, accelerating hard in an attempt to get in front of his foe, presumably with the intention of returning the favour with a close-shave lane change.

Unfortunately, he fails to notice the car stopped in front of him until the last second, causing him to lock up the brakes, lose control, and nearly take out an innocent driver who has just parked their car.

Click play to watch the video below – and remember it the next time you suffer indignation on the open road.

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