Humpty Dumpty could sell for £1,200 at auction


He sat through hundreds of episodes of BBC's Play School, even getting his own fanmail. Now the BBC's Humpty-Dumpty is up for auction at Bonhams, and could make £1,200. For such an iconic TV toy, the price might look on the low side, at first glance.

Could Hump's price kick upwards when the bidding commences? %VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%

Bear all

Difficult to know. This particular Humpty-Dumpty up for auction is one of three owned by the BBC (two are thought to remain the BBC vaults) which dilutes the Original Factor. Another key distinction says Bonham's Leigh Gotch, head of the company's toy department, is that Humpty is, well, Humpty - something of a wild card.

Teddy bears, in comparison, make established, reliable cash he told AOL Money. "It's something from our memories that are pre-school. It [Play School] was aimed at very young children. At that age, boys are into trains and cars and those toys depict the period, the association."

Teddies make steady cash

Gotch compares Humpty Dumpty with the BBC's Teddy from Andy Pandy (here's Episode 1) - which came up for sale a few years ago. "We had it in for £2-£3,000 and it sold for £2,800. There's a lot more followers of teddy bears."

Still, the toy will carry huge nostalgia value for many people now in their fifties right through to their thirties. The character originally featured in Play School in 1964, before the show came to an end in 1988.

(Much) older = ££££

The really toy auction money goes to older toys - much older. For example, a Georgian doll tagged Marianna, originally made in 1747, was sold for £58,850 in 2011. In her wooden box there was a hand written paper label...

...A doll given to Grandmama Marianna Davis in Paris, when she was 3 years old, after she had recovered from a dangerous illness, said the note. The box also contained a red and cream woollen blanket, straw work rattle, bone teething ring, extra cuff plus silver paper shoe.

See Bonhams full list below. Our favourite is the cheapest: a stunning Bassett-Lowke Royal Scot locomotive finished in LMS maroon lined livery.

Top five Bonhams toys sold at auction

1. Marianna an important George II English wooden doll in original court mantua , 1747 - Sold for £58,850 in 2011

2. The Forster Baby House: A rare George II Palladian carved mahogany Baby House - Sold for £43,200in 2009

3. Rare Steiff Teddy bear, German circa 1925, Sold for £25,200 in 2006

4. Bru Jne Bisque shoulder head Bebe, size 7, circa 1880, sold for £21,250 in 2013

5. 10 1/4in gauge Bassett-Lowke Royal Scot No 6100 Locomotive and Tender, 1938 With current boiler certificate valid until 23rd October 2006 - Sold for £15,600in 2006

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