Gatwick passengers wait the longest for baggage, Manchester best

Airport luggage claim

Manchester Airport has the shortest baggage carousel waiting time while Gatwick has the longest according to a study by

The research revealed which airports in the UK have the longest and shortest waiting times for luggage at the baggage carousels.

Manchester Airport, Birmingham Airport and London City Airport topped the list of airports considered to have the shortest waiting times for luggage, whilst London Gatwick was revealed to be the slowest based on travellers' experiences.

2,651 Britons aged 18 and over from around the UK, all of whom had been through the arrivals process in at least one UK airport within the past 12 months, were quizzed about their experiences at baggage carousels.

All respondents taking part said that they had checked in luggage and had gone straight to the baggage carousel after going through passport control, as opposed to stopping for a toilet break.

The results revealed that the average wait time from arriving at the baggage carousel to the bags coming through was 21 minutes.

The top 5 airports with the shortest baggage carousel waiting times, according to travellers' experiences, were as follows:

1. Manchester Airport – 16 minutes 15 seconds
2. Birmingham Airport – 17 minutes 49 seconds
3. London City Airport – 18 minutes 13 seconds
4. East Midlands Airport – 18 minutes 52 seconds
5. Aberdeen Airport – 19 minutes 33 seconds

The top 5 airports with the longest baggage carousel waiting times within the UK, according to travellers' experiences, were revealed to be as follows:

1. London Gatwick Airport – 33 minutes 21 seconds
2. Edinburgh Airport – 31 minutes 47 seconds
3. London Heathrow Airport – 29 minutes 29 seconds
4. Liverpool John Lennon Airport – 28 minutes 51 seconds
5. Bristol Airport – 27 minutes 02 seconds

Baggage carousels aside, 33% of respondents cited 'security/customs' as the most time consuming aspect of the airport experience in the UK, followed by 'check in' (27%) and 'boarding' (21%).

What about you? What do you think the most time consuming aspect of travelling via an airport is? Let us know in the comments below.

Top Ten Most Embarrassing Airport Security Incidents
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Gatwick passengers wait the longest for baggage, Manchester best

A woman was left mortified when a pair of ‘large discoloured pants’ were produced from her hand luggage while travelling with her business clients who were waiting in the queue behind her.

A woman travelling with her parents was left extremely red faced when a rather large and obvious sex toy was revealed on the screens as it passed through the scanner.

Another unfortunate traveller, this time male, was heading off on a romantic break with his new girlfriend when he was stopped for a routine search. Underwear was drawn forth from his hand luggage, complete with ‘obvious skid marks’. He claimed he hadn’t intentionally packed them to wear.

One woman was pulled aside with armed police on standby as the scanner revealed a ‘belt of bullets’…which turned out to be a row of AA batteries.

One man confessed that his plans for a mid-air pre-holiday proposal were dashed when he inadvertently set off the metal detector. The public search that followed required him to produce the ring from his pocket in front of his on-looking girlfriend, who immediately clocked what it was.

Another woman, who claimed to always take a bag of soap powder on holiday for emergency clothes washing purposes, was confronted by security staff in front of her astonished grandchildren as the package was mistaken for a vast quantity of illegal class A drugs.

One man claimed to have been highly embarrassed when asked to remove a large tub of ‘personal lubricant’ as it contravened the airplane liquid allowance.

Another man felt humiliated when a collection of pornographic magazines in his hand luggage was revealed during a routine check.

A man in his forties claimed that he ‘struggled to live down’ his airport experience, when haemorrhoid cream was pulled out of his case in front of his new and younger partner as they went away on their first romantic break together.

A woman was left mortified when airport staff questioned a product in her bag which turned out to be anti-viral drugs for genital herpes. Her new partner worked as a pharmacist, so quickly realised what they were upon seeing them.


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