Disabled man has car crushed as he lay in hospital bed

Disabled parking permit sign painted on car parking

A disabled Scottish man returned from a stint in hospital to find the local council had towed away and crushed his car.
Hector McKay, of Stanley, Perthshire, lives with multiple sclerosis and was admitted to hospital in March after suffering a relapse.

Returning to his car after a number of weeks receiving treatment, he was shocked to discover his 2004-plate Nissan Almera missing. After reporting it to police as stolen, Mr McKay was told his car had been towed away and destroyed after it was reported as dumped by a local resident.

The car was removed despite being parked on private land owned by Mr McKay, and displaying a current tax disc. The car was also insured and had recently passed its MOT.

Equipment vital to the 63-year-old, including a wheelchair and hoist, were also destroyed when the car was crushed.

Speaking to the Evening Telegraph, Mr McKay said: "I've got a bit of ground down on Heron Rise in Claverhouse.

"I had to go to hospital for keyhole surgery so I thought I'd park my car somewhere safe.

"I came out, went to get it and it wasn't there. So, I phoned the police and they said: we can't find it.

"But they phoned me back and said the council's lifted it, but we don't know why.

"I actually thought someone had stolen it, and the police said there was nothing
they could do."

Council bosses have since agreed to reimburse Mr McKay for his car, though are still yet to agree on a value.
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