Adidas teams up with Spotify to 'Boost Your Run'

Adidas and Spotify team up with 'Boost Your Run'
Adidas and Spotify team up with 'Boost Your Run'

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Regular runners have long used music to help keep them motivated, and now a new music service aims to provide personalised playlists designed to deliver a "unique running experience".

Sportswear giant Adidas has teamed up with music streaming service Spotify to 'Boost Your Run', which allows users to generate their own playlists based on their particular preferences.

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Before heading out for a jog, users can enter their location, distance, musical preferences, and how strenuous their workout will be, from easy through to 'push it'. Spotify then provides a choice of pre-defined playlists taken from its library of more than 20 million tracks.

These playlists are set to be updated on a monthly basis, so that runners don't get bored with their motivational music, and are intended to be used in combination with Adidas' latest running shoe technology, 'Boost' cushioning, although the service is available without the latest gear.

The sportswear manufacturer claims Boost technology makes for a high energy return during running, allowing the wearer to increase the time and distance of their workout.
Chris Maples, VP of Europe for Spotify, told the Telegraph: "Partnering with Adidas is the perfect way to strengthen our relationship with the rapidly-growing fleet of runners around the world.

"The energy Adidas provides with Boost, combined with the energy runners get from our endless supply of music, delivers a unique running experience from headphones to toe."

Are you a regular runner? Will you be signing up for the Boost Your Run service? Leave your comments below...