British man detained at Thailand airport after losing weight


A British man lost so much weight at a year-long fitness camp in Thailand that he was detained at the airport by confused border guards who didn't think he was the same person.

Ross Connor, 33, lost a whopping eight stone after he enrolled at the Muay Thai kick boxing gym in Phuket, reports the Metro.

He was 21 stone upon arrival and 13 stone when he left.

But he looked so different to the official photographs taken upon his arrival in Thailand, he was detained for questioning.


He was only allowed to fly after showing off his incredible weight loss photographs documented on his iPad.

Ross, of Peterborough, Cambs, told the Mirror: "It was a worrying moment.

"I knew I'd lost a lot of weight, but I never expected they wouldn't let me on the plane."

The boxer worked out for four hours a day in the searing temperatures, and couldn't wait to get home to show off his new physique to his family and friends.

He added: "After all my hard work, I thought I wasn't going to get home to show my family the result of my year of training."

Barmy bootcamps for fitness freaks
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British man detained at Thailand airport after losing weight

Want to look like Catwoman? At the Fitness Travel Company in Mexico, Ramona Braganza (who trained both Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway to get into their catsuits) runs eight-day boot camps on Xinalani beach. The camp also includes daily Nosh Detox juices and smoothies, mountain biking in the Sierra Madre, tribal music sessions and snorkelling among manta rays. £3,450 for seven-nights,

This Thai boot camp can be booked for anything from two weeks to a mind-boggling 12. In the hot Thai heat you will take part in weekly cardio sessions, group fitness sessions, a personal training session and yoga classes. Every Tuesday at 8am the Big Buddha Run takes place on the Big Buddha mountain, so-called because of the huge statue that crowns it. Participants jog five kilometres uphill through the jungle, pass elephants and back down again. From £519, ranging from two to 12 weeks,

After partying in Ibiza most of us head home to sleep and comfort eat, but braver ravers are staying on for a post-party detox package. 38 Degrees North, who operate out of the Hotel Aguas de Ibiza on the east of the island, offer three or six day packages to help rid your body of its recent toxic overload. Forget solid food - instead you will drink five spirulina and wheatgrass juices a day. Forget lie-ins, too - you will be rising early for yoga, hikes in the hills and mountain biking in the countryside.£1450 for six nights.

Tough Mudder is a hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle course that involves mud, fire, underground tunnels, ice water and 10,000 volts of electricity. It is designed by the Special Forces (and sounds terrifying to us, too). To help you prepare, Tough Mudder put together boot camps that can be done in groups with your fellow competitors three times a week, plus a session 'homework' for you to do at home. Prices vary.

GI Jane is a female-only affair but the ex-army trainers won't care that you're a girl (who's probably a little unfit).  The activities, from interval training to boxing, are done outside - often in mud, too -  and some days you may even be dragged from your bed at a horrid 6am. The camps take place in Kent and Sussex and although the venue changes regularly, you will never have to travel more than one hour from London. £995 for seven nights.

Most of us are familiar with British Military Fitness, a company that runs outdoor classes in parks all over the UK. Forget Battersea or Victoria Park - BMF will take you to the highest point in Africa. You will spend eight hours each day trekking Kilimanjaro's Lemosho route with two military mountain leaders and a team of 30. BMF offer specialised training days in the UK in the run up, as well as fitness assessments and tailored plans. £1849 for seven nights.

This emotive Navy Seals-inspired exercise group is also a support program for cancer patients, survivors, and anyone touched by cancer. Anita 'Sarge' Kellman runs weekly sessions in Arizona but once a year they hold an annual boot camp retreat; previous locations include Santa Fe in New Mexico and San Diego in California. Over three days, participants take part in obstacle courses, hiking, military-style exercises and listen to experts who discuss nutrition and sleep.
From £258,

The Healthy Holiday Company has launched a collection of health retreats that offer an alternative to boozy hen breaks (you can, of course, book this retreat even if there isn't a wedding on the horizon).  Their Cyprus option includes a week-long stay in a private villa in the 578-acre  Aphrodite Hills Resort. You will have use of a tennis academy, 18-hole golf course, mountain bikes and and guided hiking excursions.  From £875 including return flights.

Don't be fooled by the coconut palms: this tranquil setting will bring out anger, elation and bizarre dreams. The Beach House is a medical wellness spa in southern Goa that promises to detox your body and mind. Solid food is forbidden, twice-daily enemas are compulsory and blood, urine, and bone density tests plus a psychological evaluation are done upon arrival. Day six is the pay-off: you are set free to explore nearby Palolem - just don't undo all that hard work.  £1,375 for seven nights.


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