Campers catch 'Blair Witch ghost' on camera in woods near Bristol

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Two girls who went on a UK camping trip were literally left running scared when they believed they weren't the only ones near their tent.

Lola Swan and Kate Channon went camping in Leigh Woods in Bristol, but fled in the middle of the night after hearing a child's voice at 1am, as well as branches cracking outside their tent.

According to The Sun, she said: "During the night we heard the sounds of, what can be described as, people walking around.

"Twigs and branches were cracking and breaking, like footsteps on the forest ground."


At one point, Kate said she whistled out, and, she claimed, was horrified to hear something whistle back.

It was only the following morning after they got home and looked through their photos that they noticed a creepy ghost-like image in the background.

According to the Daily Mail, Ms Swan said: "I immediately threw the phone to the ground. I knew we were being watched and that picture proves it."

The pair said their hammer also went missing during their trip, and added: "After midnight it all got too scary and, in our panic and fear, we packed up our tent and got the hell out of there."

They have compared their experience to the famous horror film The Blair Witch Project, in which three students go missing in woodland.

Ok, you might not spot a ghoul as such, but check out these forgotten ghost towns around the world that definitely have a touch of creepy:

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