Quirky things to do in England this summer

Maldon Mud Race - Essex
Maldon Mud Race - Essex

The month of May officially marks what in England could be termed the silly season. Suddenly, the English decide they've had enough of sitting indoors in the rain, run screaming outside and do something really stupid. In Gloucester, for example, they have a lot of fun rolling great big lumps of cheese down hills (we have yet to find out why), while in the Cotswolds you'll find them having a shin-kicking contests.

Yes, there are plenty of quirky events and festivals coming up around England this summer - so make sure you put these in your diary, even if it's only to stand and stare. Famous for their eccentricity, this is the time of year to spot a (normally quiet and reserved) English person doing something like jumping off a off pier in a highly amusing outfit.

These unusual traditions continue to thrive in England year after year -and 2014 seems to have more quirky events than ever. The season of wacky events kicks off with a spot of mud racing on 25 May if it takes your fancy.

We've rounded up some of the craziest events in the gallery below.

Have you ever taken part in one of these daft events? Let us know in the comments below

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