Hotter than Ibiza! UK temperatures could reach 22C this weekend

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Book that day trip to the beach - temperatures are set to reach a glorious 22C in Britain this weekend, according to weather forecasters.

If the mercury does hit 22C, it will make the UK hotter than some parts of Greece, Ibiza, and Italy.

After a less-than-glorious start to the week, high pressure will build and temperatures will warm up by Thursday.

Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel, told Aol Travel: "There will be a cool start to this week with some heavy and thundery afternoon showers for central and eastern Britain.

"High pressure will then build from the south west with more settled weather for central and southern Britain from Wednesday to Saturday, although cloud still building during the day with isolated showers possible over the south on Thursday.

"The best of the sunshine will be around the southern and western coasts of England and Wales. There will be plenty of sunshine over Wales and western England by Friday, and much of the south will be clear and sunny on Saturday.

"Temperatures reaching 18C to 19C by Thursday, a warm 20C to 21C on Friday and 20C to 22C on Saturday.

But it won't be so cheery everywhere, adds Leon: "The north will be more cloudy on Wednesday and some light rain and drizzle over the north west, lingering over northern Scotland on Thursday. A cold front moving south east will bring increasing cloud and outbreaks of rain across the north and west of Scotland on Friday, and also to the north of Ireland."

Also, he adds, make the most of the lovely weekend weather as it's back to showers at the start of next week.

He said: "There's some uncertainty beyond Saturday as to how quickly low pressure over the west will push a cold front and rain across Britain. The south east could be lucky (50% chance) and stay fine and warm on Sunday too with temperatures 21C to 22C while the north and west of the UK is cooler and wet. The rain over the west may move eastwards more quickly though and spoil the day in the south east (50% risk).

"Low pressure will be back in the driving seat, starting next week with showery weather again. Temperatures down to near average or a little below in the west.

"As we head to the Whitsun weekend it currently looks like turning more settled over the far south again while the north will see further showers, but this could yet change."

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