Easy ways to get yourself deported

Sarah Coles
Deportation: bizarre reasons for being deported
Deportation: bizarre reasons for being deported

Deportation is a serious business - but sometimes, the reasons for sending someone home seem a tad random, if not downright bizarre.

Of course, every country has its own etiquette and laws, so it's not surprising that some things get lost in translation - but many of the examples below left the victims bewildered to say the least. Here are ten things you could do unwittingly that could lead you to being packed back onto the first plane home.

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Get a tattoo
A British woman who was deported from Sri Lanka recently because she had a Buddha tattoo on her arm. She was arrested at the airport, and after being hauled in front of a magistrate she was ordered to leave the country. It came as a complete shock to the tourist, but she isn't the first person to have found themselves thrown out of a country for something they had no idea would cause so much offence.

Ride on a motorbike naked
In January 2015, a British backpacker was banned from Cambodia after riding on the back of a motorbike naked. Crawford Brown, from Scotland, was jailed for two nights with his fellow pranksters, Catarina Aarnio, 22, and Giancarlo Allocca, 30, before being deported to Thailand.

Have a name that sounds similar to something else
One French woman who recently tried to fly to the US was banned from entering the country because the authorities believed that the name on her passport, Alic Aida, sounded too similar to Al Qaeda.

Drink and swear a lot
Scorpions drummer James Kottak (pictured) has been jailed for insulting Islam, swearing and being under the influence of alcohol at Dubai airport - when the band were on their way to fly to Bahrain. He has been sentenced to a month in prison, after which he will be deported. He denies everything but the drinking.

Take drugs and make sure all the newspapers report it
At the beginning of April, Nigella Lawson was denied the right to board a plane to the US, because she had admitted to historic drug taking during the trial of her two assistants. She was subsequently asked to reapply for permission to enter the country.

Travel with a guitar
Last October, Johannes Neiderhauser, was deported from the US for travelling with his guitar. He had planned to play for free at a few venues, but officials decided he was travelling illegally for work and forced him to leave the country.

Tweet your opinions
In 2012 a UK tourist was deported from the US after making jokes on Twitter. Before setting off for the US he had published Tweets which joked he was going to 'destroy' the US and dig up Marilyn Monroe. The authorities didn't realise that he had used the word 'destroy' as a synonym for 'party', so he was added to a watch list, and when he landed in the country he was denied entry. His bags were reportedly searched for shovels.

Insult a president
In 2010 Luke Angel, a 17-year-old from Bedfordshire drank too much while watching a TV programme about 9/11 and emailed President Obama calling him a pr***. The email was intercepted by the FBI, he received a reprimand from British police, and he was told he would never be able to visit America.

Be overweight
In January 2013, a South African man was told he was being deported from New Zealand because he was overweight. He gained 66lbs while living and working in the country, and, when he reached more than 20 stone, Albert Buitenhuis was told by authorities that his weight would place too many demands on the country's health service.

Try being Justin Beiber
You cannot, however, be deported for being Justin Beiber. Some 200,000 Americans signed a petition to have him deported to Canada after he was arrested for drunk driving. However, this is highly unlikely to happen as he would have to be convicted and sentenced to more than a year in prison before it would be considered. The White House have refused to comment on the petition.

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