Ryanair passengers 'forced to agree they would not claim for damaged luggage'

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ryanair passengers forced to sign waiver damaged luggage
ryanair passengers forced to sign waiver damaged luggage

Holidaymakers flying with budget airline Ryanair claim they were forced to sign a waiver agreeing not to hold the company responsible if their luggage was damaged.

Travellers from London Stansted to Malta say they were told they would not be able to fly if they did not sign the document, The Daily Mail reports.

The tourists allegedly arrived on the holiday island to find that their suitcases had been damaged.

They claim they were told the system was introduced because of an increase of incidents at Malta International Airport.

Ryanair reportedly stuck bright green stickers on their luggage, which read: 'Limited release. Carriers participating in the transport of this item may not accept claims resulting from the above conditions of acceptance.'

Passengers claimed their suitcases were cracked and bottles of aftershave were smashed.

According to EuroWeeklyNews, Ryanair released a statement saying: "If a customer is travelling with a bag that has any damage (minor/major) they are requested to complete a limited release tag so we can identify that the bag had been previously damaged prior to carriage on board a Ryanair flight.

"Ryanair processes baggage claims in full accordance with the Montreal Convention and Ryanair's General Terms and Conditions of Carriage."

Last year, it was reported that the airline was making a series of fee cuts and customer service improvements.

Following on from a customer feedback page on their website, Tell MOL, which urged travellers to give their opinions and suggestions on Ryanair's service, the airline acted upon them and came up with a number of changes, including reducing fees when you forget to print out your boarding pass, as well as allowing for an extra little carry-on bag.

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