Almost half of cruisers take a 'towlie' on holiday

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Nearly half of UK cruisers take a 'towlie' (a picture of themselves with their towel animal) on their cruise holiday, a new survey has revealed.

As a nation obsessed by the 'selfie' phenomenon, it would seem that British cruisers have not escaped the bug.

Review and planning website Cruise Critic found that after an evening spent enjoying a romantic dinner or sipping pina coladas, followed by dancing, cruisers do the strangest things when they return to their cabin and are greeted by a towel animal.

Nearly half (47 per cent) of respondents in the poll admitted taking a picture of themselves with their towel animal, while 18 per cent take time deciding what it is. A third of cruisers (34 per cent) apply a practical approach and use the towel animal after their next shower. And, somewhat unsurprisingly, only a mere 2 per cent glue it to stay that way!

Adam Coulter, UK editor of Cruise Critic, said: "Towel animals provide huge fun factor in cruising, and with so many people obsessed with the selfie craze, it's apparent why half of our respondents take a picture, or a 'towlie', with their towel animal.

"When you return to your cabin to find a strange, and sometimes unidentifiable creature hanging from the wardrobe or lying on the bed, it provides entertainment – somewhat ashamedly to admit, even for us adults!"

What do you do with your 'towlie' on a cruise? Leave a comment and let us know below.

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