Do older neighbours boost the value of your house?

Housing demand

A bit of salt and pepper in the hair makes for a better neighbour - and possibly higher house prices. New research from Saga claims the over 50s are less likely to let their property or area go to pot. Living next to someone over the age of 50 adds value to your property, they claim.

How reliable is Saga's research? %VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%

Older = better?

Much depends on the area. There are plenty of British over 50s who have significant mortgage and credit card debt - not to mention pension contribution pressure - keeping them focused on the basics rather than worry about hedge-trimming and squeaky-clean porches.

However, many over 50s will have more financial leeway - and time. Around four fifths of over 50s (83%) says Saga keep their gardens tidy "putting a lot of effort into doing so; a quarter of these constant gardeners say they mow their lawn once a week, compared to just 8% of under 50s."

Narendra Gandhi, a partner at Winkworth's Ealing and Acton branch told AOL Money a lot of over 50s are also increasingly downsizing in his part of London - and want to keep their properties in peak condition before selling.


"A lot of over fifties are assisting their own children. We're seeing a lot of downsizing, moving out of London to the country to release equity." Buckinghamshire and the South coast are popular follow-on destinations for this demographic says Gandhi.

According to Saga's survey, just thirds of 25-34 year olds say they keep their own front garden tidy - and are a massive eight times more likely to have rubbish in their garden.

This though may be connected to many more people renting generally, unable to afford increasingly out-of-reach house prices.

Retirement hotspots

Last year the Prudential looked at the Top Ten rental hotspots for retired households (see list below) - with Manchester topping the list.

The same survey also claimed that Castle Point, Essex held the highest proportion of pensioner homeowners - just 11% of retired households renting. See the full lists below.

Top 10 UK retirement hotspots - Prudential data

1. Christchurch, Dorset, 29.7% (total percentage retired)

2. West Somerset, 29.1%

3. North Norfolk, 28.8%

4. Rother, East Sussex, 28.4%

5. East Devon, 28.2%

6. East Dorset, 27.9%

7. Tendring, 27%

8. West Dorset, 26.5%

9. Arun, West Sussex, 26.3%

10. East Lindsey, 26%

Top 10 retirement rental hotspots outside London - Prudential data

1. Manchester

2. City of Kingston upon Hull

3. Norwich

4. South Tyneside

5. Newcastle upon Tyne

6. Harlow

7. Liverpool

8. Salford

9. Gateshead

10. Nottingham
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