Vicar gets her own back on parking wardens

bad parking

A vicar who claimed over-zealous parking wardens were targeting her congregation each Sunday has taken pictures of the council workers themselves flouting traffic regulations.> Reverend Bev Mason snapped the council van parked in a restricted zone outside Bingley All Saints Parish Church, in the same spot she had received a parking ticket just weeks before.

The van's occupants were out patrolling the local area for further parking offenders at the time.

The incident has since been reported to Bradford Council, which reprimanded the employees in question.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Rev Mason said: "They must be dreadfully embarrassed.

Bev Mason

"They were going round giving more of our churchgoers' tickets at the time. I couldn't believe my eyes.

"The warden's van was parked right on the bend, on double yellow lines.

"I called out to the two men: 'Is this your van?' They were mortified."

She went on to criticise the council for its "merciless" targeting of her congregation.

"The council have restricted the parking in the marked bays to two hours, meaning people who turn up early and stay behind after to tidy up get fined.

"They sometimes over-run on the parking by minutes and end up with tickets - which, as good Christians, they always pay.

"For some people, this is the only time of fellowship and they are being penalised. It's very unfair."

A Bradford Council spokesman said: "It is clearly unacceptable for a Council van to be parked on double yellow lines and all Council Wardens have been instructed they must adhere to parking restrictions at all times," reported the Telegraph and Argus.

bad parking

"We need to look into this matter to see what has happened on this occasion and consider what action needs to be taken.

"With regard to the other point raised about extending the limited waiting time in this particular street, it is likely that any changes could raise objections from local residents living there.

"We will contact the Reverend Mason directly to discuss both matters in more detail."
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