Tree trimming goes wrong when Mother Nature takes revenge (video)

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A man trimming a tree in America learned the dangers of messing with Mother Nature the hard way.

In a new YouTube video, the man is seen at the top of a ladder yelling, "I don't want to hit anybody, is everybody good?"

He then cuts a branch and as it starts to fall it swings back towards him and throws him off the ladder onto the ground.

A woman is heard screaming "911 or not?"

She then runs over to the man.

YouTube user Kurt Stepp posted the video on the social networking site and captioned it: "My coworker cuts down a tree and the tree is not very happy about it."

The video has been viewed over 478,000 times and users have left comments advising Kurt's co-worker how he should have cut down the tree.

One wrote: "Wow. Seriously, your coworker is not going to survive for very long if he doesn't start:

1. Roping himself off at 15-feet heights.
2. Not standing on the very top rung of a barely-secured ladder
3. Making a bottom cut first
4. Not trying to cut above his own height, and, for f**k's sake
5. Not trying to use a chainsaw one-handed"

Another wrote: "You should always cut from a higher altitude from the branch, you should be looking down at it not up."

Kurt later confirmed that his coworker escaped without serious injury.

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