Firefighters rescue tiny horse from mini sinkhole

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Mini Horse Falls Into Mini Sinkhole
Mini Horse Falls Into Mini Sinkhole

A tiny horse was rescued from a mini sinkhole in Massachusetts, America on Friday.

Firefighters were called to South Chatham at 6am to help free the 15-year-old pony from the three to four-foot hole.

The Huffington Post reports that emergency workers used as ramp to bring the animal out of the hole to safety.

The animal was uninjured but appeared agitated.

Last year, a pony disguised as a lion took centre stage at the Horse of the Year Show at the Birmingham NEC.

Luma, an eight-year-old pony, was pictured groomed just like a lion, complete with a lion's mane and tail.

In a special display to celebrate the show's 65th anniversary, Luma provided light comedy and combined liberty work and dressage movements with his trainer Melie Philippot.

The pair have worked together since Luma was three-years-old.

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