Video: Get out of the way!

drift fail

Motorsport is dangerous. Even for those not blessed with the acumen to understand that heavy metal boxes moving at high speeds may pose a risk to your health, there are ample warnings, with most racetracks emblazoning the message on huge signs and generally not letting spectators anywhere near the asphalt.
It seems this isn't quite enough for some people, as the following film proves. Shot in Poland, it shows an amateur drifter putting an old BMW M3 through its paces on a circular track, all the while being cheered on by his mates.

One friend decides that the driver needs more encouragement and carries on his applause on the edge of the danger zone. The result is not only grimly predictable, but pretty brutal too.

Click play to watch the video below, and let it be a lesson to anyone else wanting to get really close to the action.

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