Ecclestone's son in law takes five-car entourage to purchase art


When most of us go shopping, we take the humble runaround sat outside the house, a set of keys, the mobile phone, means to pay for goods and perhaps a pram if sprogs are in tow.
We don't take an entourage of vehicles - which includes two Rolls-Royces, a pair of Range Rovers and a Lamborghini Aventador – plus beefed-up security guards and a crew of minions to do our bidding.

But Bernie Ecclestone's son-in-law and reported billionaire businessman James Stunt does, especially when he's picking up rare artwork from his local Christie's gallery.

The 28-year-old, who is married to the Formula 1 chief's daughter Petra, was snapped picking up his horde of art from Christie's Art Gallery in London's Old Brompton Road yesterday with his amazing fleet of luxury vehicles in tow.

Stunt led the pack in his jet black Lamborghini Aventador, while the two Rollers and Range Rovers containing his security staff followed close behind.

The £1million convoy of cars didn't intimidate one eagle-eyed traffic warden, who quickly reached for his hand-held ticket-issuing machine and appeared to hand out a fine to Mr Stunt.

According to reports, Mr Stunt can regularly be seen turning up to art galleries with his convoy of flash cars, doing deals and then speeding off into the distance.

Bernie Ecclestone, James Stunt's father in law, is currently standing trial in Germany for bribery charges after the F1 chief allegedly paid a German banker to facilitate the sale of a stake in his Formula 1 business.
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