What went on during a Ryanair flight?


A passenger aboard a Ryanair flight from Manchester to Tenerife on Easter Sunday says he was shocked when the cabin crew arranged a rowdy toilet-roll-throwing game in the middle of the flight. He said some passengers were encouraged to throw toilet rolls as far as they could in a bid to win free alcohol during the flight - and that other passengers were hit with the rolls as a result.

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The claim

The Mirror quoted Music promoter and DJ Chris Prudence, 29, from Wirral, who said he will be making a complaint to the budget airline after 'all hell broke loose' during the 20 minute game. He also claimed that after the game finished, a cabin crew member said there wouldn't be any free alcohol.

A spokesman for Ryanair told the Daily Mail that the story was untrue. He said: "There was no offer of a "free bar" on this or any other Ryanair flight and no free drinks were dispensed." He added: "Cabin crew were interacting with our customers and arranged a pass the parcel competition, but this was in a spirit of good fun (which Ryanair crews are encouraged to do). The vast majority of our customers on this flight enjoyed this light-hearted fun and complimented the crew who were professional and attentive to our customers at all times during this four-hour 25-minute flight."

Weird goings-on

Clearly there is some disagreement over what exactly went on during the flight. However, it is far from the weirdest thing to happen on a flight recently.

Earlier this month a bride-to-be fell out with fellow travellers in her hen party - on a flight from Manchester to Barcelona. The bride - dressed in white and wearing a veil - was seen throwing a punch, which she explained was in self-defence.

In February we heard of a flight from Amsterdam to Hong Kong which was interrupted by a man brandishing a Toblerone and demanding the flight be re-routed to Sochi so he could watch the Winter Olympics. He was restrained by a member of the cabin crew and a former police officer who was on the flight.

In March it emerged that an American National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration plane had been forced to abort take-off after it was hit by a fish. It had been dropped by an Osprey who abandoned its catch to escape the oncoming plane.

We also reported on a bizarre incident on a British Airways flight from Amsterdam in November last year - when a woman emerged from the toilet when the plane had already started down the runway - and was ordered back in.

In the same month, a team of cleaners in India were cleaning a plane when they found 24 gold bars hidden in the toilet. It's thought that they foiled a smuggling attempt.

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