Bluewater shoppers find cars wrapped-up

wrapped car

Motorists parking their cars at the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent have returned to their vehicles to find them wrapped in plastic film and parcel tape.
Two cars, apparently chosen at random, have been subjected to the bizarre makeover, despite the shopping centre enjoying a reputation for its secure, covered parking facilities.

Initially it was thought that the above car was targeted as it was parked in a 'mother and child' bay, though a second car, pictured below, was later discovered to have suffered a similar fate and was parked within a normal space.

Shopper James Frost tweeted the image, saying he'd come across the stricken Vauxhall Corsa "the other week".

Despite the centre's CCTV coverage and the large number of people visiting every day, no one witnessed the cars being wrapped and the identity of the person responsible remains unknown.

Bluewater shopping centre has yet to make any comment on the incidents.
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