Driver with 54 penalty points finally banned

Keith Baldock

A motorist with 54 penalty points on his licence has finally had his right to drive revoked.
Keith Baldock had remained legally entitled to drive despite amassing the huge number of points. A driver is normally banned when 12 penalty points are accrued.

In November last year, Baldock was handed a total of 30 driving points for five separate offences, but managed to keep his licence after managing to persuade the trial judge he needed to be able to drive in order to look for a job.

Judge Nigel Van Der Bijl was unaware that Baldock's licence was already decorated with 24 penalty points at the time, and the error was noticed too late to be legally rectified.

'Unfortunately there is not a great deal we can do about it now - he's a lucky fellow," said Prosecutor Francis Lloyd at the time, the Daily Mail reports.

However, the 34-year-old has now been banned from driving for three years after facing the same judge on his return to court, not for another driving offence, but for breaching a community order that he received after admitting stealing fuel from garages around Kent.

Judge Van Der Bijl was able to re-open sentencing options on the previous case, which allowed him to remove Baldock's right to drive.

He was also handed an 18 month jail sentence after being caught drunk while looking after a child and having a knife in his pocket.

Baldock has a string of previous motoring offences, including drink driving, five counts of driving without valid insurance and driving off from petrol stations without paying on four separate occasions.
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