Bizarre things people pack in their suitcases

Sinead Moore
Baby gold rabbit in grass
Baby gold rabbit in grass

Ever accidentally packed something in your suitcase that you did not intend bringing on holiday with you? Or maybe you have one item you simply cannot go anywhere without.

New research from a luggage delivery company has revealed a top ten list of the most unusual items packed by holidaymakers going abroad, with items as bizarre as pictures of dead cats, a wall clock and a set of dumbbells topping the list.

In the research, conducted by, 2,011 UK adults were polled, each of whom had been on holiday abroad within the past 12 months. The study formed part of research into the packing habits of those going abroad.

Respondents were asked a number of questions including how often they go on holiday, whether or not they struggle to fit everything in their suitcase and if there is anything they would like to take more of when going on holiday.

The study then asked respondents :'Is there anything that you take on holiday with you that others would probably regard as unusual?'

Respondents confessed to some pretty strange holiday essentials. Check out the top ten most unusual items taken away on holiday, according to the respondents, were as follows. And don't forget tell us the weirdest thing you've ever taken on holiday in the comments box below!

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