The 'Moomin' cafe where cuddly toys keep you company

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A Tokyo cafe has gone to great lengths to ensure its diners are never lonely - by seating giant Moomin cuddly toys at each table.

The Moomin House Cafe in Fukuoka is where it's at if you're keen for a date that's a great listener - and who lets you do all the talking.

Moomins, which looked a bit like hippos, were created by Finnish illustrator and writer Tove Jansson.

They featured in a popular series of books and cartoons in the 90s, and even had a theme park, Moomin World, built in their honour in Naantali, Finland.

Flickr user 'cultural elite' uploaded a pic of her experience there. Next to the image, she captioned: "Giant Moomins sat at each table. Slightly unnerving."

According to the Mirror, the cafe in Japan has garnered a popular online following, with diners sharing their experience on social media.

Even the food is shaped like Moomins, with biscuits, coffee designs and wallpaper in keeping with the theme. Diners are also greeted by a Moomin at the door.

But it's not the first weird and wacky restaurant to hit the streets.

Thailand took its bizarre its obsession with Hitler too far in 2013 - by opening a chicken restaurant in Bangkok named after the German Nazi leader.

In Taiwan, there's a restaurant built around a loo theme, called The Modern Toilet Restaurant, where your noodles are served in a toilet bowl.

In its weird restaurants round-up, Shortlist magazine also highlighted an eaterie in Singapore called The Clinic, where "Food is operated on under surgical lights and diners are seated in wheelchairs". Plain bizarre.

More recently, London's first cat cafe opened up in Shoreditch. Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium opened its doors in March, and charges a £5 fee to animal lovers who want coffee, cake and to pet cats.

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