Cabin crews take the selfie craze to the skies



It seems the selfie craze has hit the skies and created a new kind of 'mile high' club.

Attractive young air hostesses are snapping themselves dolled up and ready to fly - and sharing the images on Instagram.

Many of the images have hashtags like #flightattendant, #crewlife, #lifeofhostie, and #cabincrew, reports the Daily Mail.

The images range from crew resting across seats on an empty plane, posing in an empty aisle, posing as if they're making an announcement, and generally just showing off their perfect pouts.

One Instagram user named Flying_Lisa posted a pic actually posing on the aircraft, writing: "#flightattendant#crewlife#boeing#757##trolleydolly#antayla#turkey."

Flight attendant and blogger Shawn Kathleen told the NY Post that the photos boost camaraderie and allow the ladies to keep up with one another.

Kathleen, who's currently in the process of trademarking the phrase #crewlife, said she's also encouraging crew to post photos of passengers behaving badly, with the hashtag #passengershaming.

But not all flight attendants are indulging in the selfie trend. Heather Poole, an 18-year-old flight attendant and author of New York Times bestseller Cruising Attitude, said she wouldn't dare post a pic of herself because of airlines' strict rules over image.

She told the NY Post: "It's a big deal. The airlines protect their image, everything is very strict. You could lose your job."

But Delta Airlines, for one, said that as long as images are portrayed in a professional manner, the selfie trend is acceptable.

Think you know your flight attendants? Take a quiz below:

Guess the airline cabin crew

Guess the airline cabin crew

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