Driver suing teenage cyclist she killed

driver suing cyclist she killed

A Canadian woman who killed a teenager after crashing her car into him and his friends while they were cycling is suing the dead boy.

Sharlene Simon has filed a claim against Brandon Majewski's family after killing the 17-year-old in October 2012.

Simon alleges that she "sustained serious and permanent injuries to important physical, mental and psychological functions" after the crash in Ontario, Canada.

Her claim states "enjoyment of life has been irretrievably lessened."

According to the Toronto Star, Majewski's family lawyer has called the claim "distasteful".

Brandon was killed while his friend, 16-year-old Richard McLean, was seriously injured when they were hit by Ms Simon's car on a dimly-lit road. A third boy, Jake Roberts, 16, was uninjured.

Nine MSN reports that the lawsuit claims the boys were negligent, cycling without lights, reflectors or helmets, and did not control their bikes.

A South Simcoe Police Service report found that visibility of the cyclists was the main contributing factor to the accident.

"The family feels like the wound has been opened up again," said Brian Cameron, the Majewskis' lawyer. "The legal theory I sort of understand, but never against a child. Not against a child."

Simon's husband, mother and three children were named in the lawsuit and the family are seeking more than $1 million.

Her lawyer said: "It's a tragedy what happened to the boys but it's also a tragedy that's happened to (Simon).

"I understand their grief and I understand what they must be going through is awful but my client is also living with this nightmare every day."

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