BBC filmmaker missing after swim on holiday in Barbados

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bbc journalist missing ater swim at Rockley Beach in barbados
bbc journalist missing ater swim at Rockley Beach in barbados

A BBC journalist has been missing since last Sunday after going for a swim at a beach in Barbados.

Documentary filmmaker Jay Merriman Mukoro was on holiday with his wife Olivia and the couple were at Rockley Beach in Christ Church when he went into the sea for a swim.

Speaking to Barbados Today, Olivia said the waves were high but her husband was very careful and would not go too far out.

"I was looking at him initially as he walked into the water and I had a book which I looked down at for a while. Then when I looked up I couldn't see him any more. I thought he must have just been out of my sight and then I saw someone who I thought was him and so I read my book a little bit more.

"Then I looked up and I saw the person and realized they had a different build and it wasn't him. It was at that point I started getting worried and I got up and started looking up and down. Then I started to panic because I was looking and wasn't seeing him on the beach."

According to the Daily Mail, 43-year-old Jay, who recently worked on Andrew Marr's 'History of Modern Britain', had flown out to the Caribbean island to attend a wedding with his wife, and to work on a documentary for BBC Scotland.

Olivia said authorities have been searching for Jay since she reported him missing. She said: "They have been looking since then and did not find anything. So they tell me they are still looking.

"There is not much hope, but there is a tiny glimmer that some miraculous thing has happened that we can't conceive of and that somehow he is somewhere and that is why we are making posters to put those around," she added.

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