Milton Keynes motorists complain about 'dancing pizza boxes'

Domino's Pizza stock

Drivers in Milton Keynes have been complaining about 'distracting' Domino's workers who dress up as pizza boxes and dance near busy roads.
The human pizza boxes - also known in the marketing world as wobble boarders - are distracting drivers, according to local residents. Many have taken to Twitter to warn other road users of their locations.

The majority of Milton Keynes motorists fear for the safety of the wobble boarders, as the central reservations and roundabouts they have chosen to stand on are beside some of the busiest in the area.

One motorist, Ian Davies from Walnut Tree, told "The pictures don't do these activities justice as they can't illustrate the staff literally jumping up and down and waving manically at motorists."

Yesterday, Domino's said it would look into the problem as the firm fears for the safety of its daredevil 'wobble boarders'.

A spokesperson for Domino's Pizza Group PLC issued this statement: "We have looked into the location of the wobble boarders around Milton Keynes and have identified that members of staff were not adhering to the guidelines within the risk assessment that is agreed to by all staff upon employment.

"This issue has been immediately addressed to ensure all guidelines are strictly adhered to going forward.

"We understand that wobble boarding is unusual and it is not to everyone's taste, however it can be an effective form of marketing.

"We have issued guidelines to franchisees and stores to ensure that wobble boarding is carried out in a responsible manner as well as a risk assessment to keep our wobble boarders safe."

Author: Rebecca Chaplin

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