Huge five-metre great white shark stalks fishermen's boat in Australia (video)

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Four fishermen had a very close encounter with the great white shark kind when an enormous five-metre animal started chewing on their boat in Australia.

Daniel Fleming and James Tate were about to start fishing 4km off the coast near Pottsville, NSW, on Wednesday afternoon when the shark started circling their boat.

Mr Flemming told The Courier Mail: "When it first came up it was a bit daunting, it was a shark the same size as the boat and it pushed the boat around a couple of times."

He said he had other friends in a boat nearby, so he gave them a call to come and see the giant shark.

He added: "After it pushed the boat around a couple of times it wasn't too aggressive, so we started to relax and feed it."

He then had to slap the shark away when it started to chew the boat.

Daniel and James' friend, Shannon Ryan, pulled up next to his friends in his boat.

He told "As soon as we pulled up, it just come straight for the back of the boat and bit the outboard and I was freaking out."

Mr Fleming described the experience as "a rush".

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