Student offers classic 1956 Bentley S1 for car-sharing purposes

The act of car-pooling, or car sharing as it's more commonly referred to in this country, is on the rise.
Ever-increasing vehicle ownership costs, the fluctuating price of fuel and stagnant wages have forced many people to seek help on their daily commute by meeting like-minded individuals and sharing rides to work or further afield.

When most people log on to car sharing sites, such as BlaBlaCar, they expect to be offered a passenger seat in a respectable and reliable family saloon or hatchback, not a once in a lifetime opportunity to gracefully waft around in a classic Bentley.

But 29-year-old PhD student and car enthusiast, Joe Day, has realised that running a classic vehicle is much easier when those in need of a lift are happy to chip in for fuel and upkeep costs.

"The challenge for me is justifying the cost of running the car. She's a beauty, but I probably wouldn't be able to keep her if I wasn't doing something to address the petrol costs" Joe said.

Amazingly, Joe continues to drive his 58-year-old classic Bentley S1 on a regular basis. "I have always loved old cars. It's extraordinary to see them on the road, and the sounds and smells are so exciting," he explained.

"I drive home from Cambridge to Pontefract once a month, a round trip that costs about £100 in petrol. Getting a car full of paying passengers really helps make it affordable. It's also a great way to share the pleasure of driving my beautiful car, and I do enjoy company on a long journey."

Joe lists his beautiful vehicle on and the 135-mile journey that he mentioned would cost a paying passenger just £10 each way.

"People often ask me how a PhD student could possibly keep up a car like this. It's actually a lot more economical than people assume," Joe said.

"There's no depreciation to worry about, so the only real costs are servicing and petrol - which I'm covering through ride sharing.

"I pay no more than my friends per year on my car, but I get to drive something beautiful - not the boring old Ford I had 5 years ago!"
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