Video: Speedway meets Rallycross in muddy showdown

"Take the youngest ever Speedway Grand Prix World Champion, a hard charging multiple X-Games medallist rallycrosser, a dirt oval arena; and what do you get?> "A whole load of mud-thrashing, tandem-drifting awesomeness; that's what."

This is how the press release from Monster energy read when it landed in AOL Car's inbox with a satisfying thud of awesomeness, and a soon as we heard the words "tandem drifting" we just had to click play.

Luckily, we weren't disappointed as the high-production video clip beautifully portrays the mud-splatting savagery that ensues when you pit a 500cc Jawa Speedway bike against a 600bhp turbo charged Citroen DS3.

"And who is piloting these devilish machines?" We hear you cry. On the bike is Tai Woffinden, the youngest ever Speedway Grand Prix World Champion, and behind the wheel is Liam Doran, a multiple X-Games medallist rallycrosser.

The result is pretty impressive so don't blame us if you feel inadequate next time you take the family saloon for a quick spin.

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