Jaguar F-Type owner takes wrong turn into wet concrete

Owners of sporty, flash or luxurious cars are often unfairly tarred with the 'impatient' brush.> We've lost count of the number of BMW/tailgating jokes we've heard or the amount of rants that begin with, "that ruddy bloke in the Mercedes..." but that doesn't mean we should all unfairly typecast fellow road users.

Unfortunately, one Jaguar F-Type driver in the USA has done little to improve the reputation of his sports car-owning brethren by grounding his (or her) brand new £80,000 ride in wet concrete.

The snap, which first surfaced on the @Pursuitist Twitter feed, shows the burgundy F-Type V8 S completely stuck in wet concrete after the driver reportedly attempted to take a shortcut in order to avoid slow moving traffic.

The quote accompanying the image read: "Brand new Jaguar driver believes he's too important to sit in traffic. Insta-karma smack down."

Further information on the event is yet to surface but we can guarantee the incident would have seriously impacted the driver's no claims bonus.

A similar incident occurred in China earlier this month when a brand new Mercedes E-Class (those luxury car drivers are at it again) became stuck in an unfinished road in China's Guangdong Province after ignoring road signs.

The £60,000 car was wedged for 14 hours before workers managed to dig it out with jackhammers.

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