Freebie Friday: this week's discounts, deals and freebies

Airplane is towing a banner that reads 'Buy One Get One Free' against a beautiful sky with clouds.

If Easter fills you with enthusiasm for visiting theme parks, taking photographs, or indulging in tasty food, then you'll need the freebies to help your celebrations go with a bang.

And if you want to feel virtuous at the same time, there's a handy water-saving freebie to help balance out the indulgence.%VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%

Free pie

Higgidy Pie is offering an unusual chance to send a pie to a friend. You have to start by 'liking' Higgidy on Facebook, then you pick the flavour of pie you want to give away - which can be anything from steak and red wine to sweet potato and feta with pumpkin seeds. Then add the name of your friend, and your details, and click 'share your pie'. This will post a picture of the pie to one of your Facebook friends' pages and will enable them to download a voucher for a free pie. You can do this as many times as you like until all the freebies have gone - and hopefully at least one of them will send one back.

Free picnic pack

The users of have spotted that to celebrate the 15 year anniversary of The Gruffalo, The Forestry Commission is holding a number of events, which kicked off last week. One nationwide event is the Gruffalo picnic, which anyone can hold in any location on Saturday 7 June. If you sign up online you'll be sent your free picnic pack.

Water-saving freebies

As part of their efforts to save water, the water companies have to offer water-saving devices at bargain prices - and some they must offer for free. The users of have noticed that some of the companies have brought their savings together onto one website, so you can just click your provider to see the freebies you qualify for. They range from Bathbuoys - which let you save 30 litres when you fill up the bath for a child, to four minute shower timers and water-saving shower heads.

Free theme park entry

This is cheating somewhat, because it gives you two for the price of one through rather than completely free entry. However, given that standard admission is £48 on the day for those aged 12 and over, this could be a decent saving.

Free photos

If you've fallen into the digital photo trap of never getting round to printing any of them off, this is your chance to rectify that. Photobox is offering 99 free prints for each new customer. You need to enter your details, and you'll get access to the deal. The website itself says the deal expires at the end of March this year, but it's still valid through April.

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