Prescription gel could end misery of rosacea

Caroline Cassidy
how to treat rosacea
how to treat rosacea

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A simple gel treatment could put an end to the misery of rosacea, and it now available on the NHS. The gel, called Mirvaso, is the first treatment for the facial flushing condition to be available on prescription, and the results in clinical trials will give hope to millions.

For many, dealing with the skin disorder, which causes embarrassing facial redness, is an ongoing and seemingly impossible battle. But in clinical trials, Mirvaso was found to dramatically reduce facial flushing within half an hour, and the effects last for up to 12 hours.

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The treatment works thanks to the active ingredient brimonidine, which restricts excessive blood flow to the upper layers of skin. It is hoped the gel will serve as a more successful and simple treatment than others such as laser therapy and antiobiotics.

A tube of the miracle cream costs the NHS in the region of £34 and lasts two months, with pea-sized amounts applied once every 24 hours. The active substance in Mirvaso has previously been used in eye drops, and comes with a good safety record.
Though many dismiss rosacea as blushing, for sufferers it can have a serious impact on self-esteem and their social life.

David Fenton, a consultant dermatologist in London, told the Daily Mail: "Until now the treatment options have been fairly few and limited. They don't tend to target the redness and flushing, which is often the most embarrassing part.

"It is one of those situations where superficially observers think that it is just a cosmetic issue but for the sufferer it can cause huge embarrassment and limit them socially, and cause psychological problems."

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