Is Singapore's tourism advert the worst ever?

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A campaign video from Singapore's tourist board has been removed from YouTube after it was described as "so bad it will go viral".

The three-minute advert depicts a couple of tourists visiting Singapore's sights and showing their amazement at the various attractions in the city, including Marina Bay Sands casino and the Gardens by the Bay.

At the end of the video as the couple take in the beautiful views of the city at night, the woman presents a gift box to her partner and as he opens it finds a positive pregnancy test, to which he exclaims: "I knew Singapore always had a surprise waiting for me!"

According to eTurboNews, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) said the video was produced for the Philippine market.

It said: "We subsequently removed it as it was not resonating well with audiences."

"We thank readers for their feedback on the video and acknowledge that some aspects of it could have been done better."

Some of the comments from YouTube users included: "Erm, was that wine she was having in the cable car? And she knew she was pregnant?"

And: "Did she..-is that a pee stick?!"

According to, STB claimed that on the Your Singapore Philippines Facebook page, the video received more than 3,400 'Likes' in the first week, and had around 900 comments that were "largely positive".

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