Born to be wild: Six-year-old drives dad's Harley Davidson

six-year-old hog rider

They say the best way to learn is to start young – but whether the same can be said when learning to ride a motorbike, we're unsure.
In what seems to be a daily occurrence on YouTube, a clip showing a 'dangerous' bit of driving is causing controversy on the video-sharing website.

It shows a six-year-old boy sitting on his father's motorbike's front seat and taking the helm of the vehicle while his dad watches on from the rear.

The video starts with the adult in full control of the Harley-Davidson T-Sport bike, but after a few seconds the rider takes his hands off the handlebars, handing over to his son.

A camera mounted on the bike shows the child wearing a T-shirt, shorts, helmet and gloves.

Dad Jacob Hughes posted: "He's ripping on a T-SPORT... this is my idea of raising my son right! Thanks for the views and comments!"

The video was posted on YouTube earlier this week and has so far attracted more than 21,500 views, 114 comments, 291 likes and 25 dislikes.

Among the comments, some users have expressed their outrage. One said: "What a colossal moron! This child should be removed from the dubious care of this criminally negligent and woeful excuse of a father. There are very good reasons why children cannot drive: Despite being illegal, they have absolutely no perception of speed, distance nor the danger they impose on themselves and others. Children of this age do not have the ability to make rational judgements."

What do you think of the film? Is it dangerous or harmless fun? Let us know by posting your comments below.

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