Glow in the dark motorways heading to the UK?

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Glowing motorways could be introduced into the UK if trials in Holland are successful.

Street lights have been switched off on a stretch of road in the southern Netherlands to trial glow in the dark markings with luminous paint.

The futuristic move could see the country save millions of Euros if it triggers a move from using lighting on the roads.

According to the Mirror, the motorway is marked with a paint containing a' photo-luminising' compound that releases a green light after dark.

The innovation is the brainchild of Hans Goris, a manager at engineering firm Heijmand and artist Daan Roosegaarde.

The pair released information about their project last year.

Speaking to the BBC, Daan said: "When we started this project [Heijmans] was working on an energy-neutral street light, trying to work with solar panels and things like that.

"I thought that was updating an old idea, and I forced them to look at movies of jellyfish. How does a jellyfish give light? It has no solar panel, it has no energy bill.

"And then we went back to the drawing board and came up with these paints which charge up in the daytime and give light at night."

The pair believe there concept, which they have called 'Smart Highway', has the potential to revolutionise motorways.

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