Nissan GT-R and Bugatti Veyron duke it out on the drag strip

drag race

Spend a cool £1million on a Bugatti Veyron, and you'd think there would be very little to touch it in terms of performance. Being the car that usurped the McLaren F1 as the world's fastest road-legal production car, it surely has to be the thing to impress at a local drag racing meet?
Not at this drag racing meet, as it turns out. Filmed at an event at an airport in Weez, Germany, a silver and black Veyron lines up against an innocuous looking Nissan GT-R. The predicted outcome is depressingly inevitable: with ten more cylinders, twice as many turbos and more than twice the swept capacity, the Bugatti should simply monster the humble Nissan.

Or so the Veyron driver must have thought. Launching off the line, the Nissan actually gains the lead, before the Veyron's mighty engine claws back the gap. We won't spoil the result but it's a very, very close call.

The Nissan's secret? Extensive tuning by Switzer sees the engine putting out a devastating 800bhp, which is delivered cleanly to the tarmac by its complex four-wheel-drive system. A reinforced gearbox and Akrapovic exhaust system are amongst the long list of choice upgrades.

The Veyron isn't stock either, featuring undisclosed fettling by German tuner Mansory – something which was only like to add to its owners ire.

Check out the drag race in full below.

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