British tourists hospitalised after Cuba hotel hit by food poisoning

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Around 18 British holidaymakers have been put on IV drips after the four-star Thomas Cook hotel they were staying at in Cuba was hit by a sickness bug.

The tourists have complained of diarrhoea and sickness while at the Hotel Playa Pesquero in Holguin, the Daily Mail reports.

They reported under-cooked meals and dirty swimming pools.

The news comes just a few weeks after tour operator Thomas Cook paid out £150,000 in compensation to 20 holidaymakers who were struck down with food poisoning at the same hotel in 2013.

A number of tourists took to travel review website TripAdvisor to tell of their experiences at the hotel.

User DominoOne, from London, said: "At this moment in time there is a sickness bug going around which has wiped out approximately 80% of the hotel with 18 people requiring IV fluids and a number have been admitted to hospital.

"This was confirmed to me by the numerous on site doctors following my families many visits to the onsite Surgery. In the last day or 2 the hotel have taken note and began to cover items in the food halls with cling film but the general standard of Hygiene in the hotel is very poor."

Another users complained of the food hygiene, writing: "The freshly cooked omelettes were cooked in pans that had not seen water or cleaning products since they were first used, on gas stoves that were caked in cooking fat, and dirt.

"Birds fly in and help themselves to food from the serving dishes, as there are no nets to cover any food. There are 2 empty pools in the restaurant, that have been drained, but have stagnant rain water and dirt in the bottom of them, and you are sitting next to them whilst eating. The chair covers are filthy dirty, along with the railings in the restaurant that is covered in dirt and grime."

Steve Lomax, of solicitors Simpson Millar, which is representing the holidaymakers, told the Daily Mirror: "We strongly suspect it's bacterial food poisoning and it's certainly got form at this particular hotel.

"It looks like dozens of Brits are affected. The allegations are very similar this time; birds in the restaurant, poor food hygiene, birds droppings in food, dirty equipment and under-cooked food.

"It's difficult getting home early as flights are fortnightly with the tour operator."

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