Neighbour blames dilapidated home next door over sale problems

Woman Says House Next Door Is So Ugly She Can't Sell Hers

Honey bees on comb

%VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%A North Carolina woman says the home next door to hers is so dilapidated she is having problems trying to sell her own.

With boarded up windows, a porch that is falling apart and debris everywhere, this is one neighbour we would not like to have.
In addition to the home's appearance there are also hundreds of domesticated bees on the property in the historic town of Riedsville.

Mary Lee has been living with the problem for over a decade and says "it is preventing me from selling my home and moving on with my life."

A local estate agent has told Mary that it will be next to impossible to sell her house if the property next door stays the way it is.

The mayor of Riedsville says he feels sorry for the residents but that there is nothing he can do.

Neighbour's extension destroys £100k of home's value
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Neighbour blames dilapidated home next door over sale problems

A two-storey extension built without planning permission has plunged Helen Coughlan's home into darkness.

The 52-year-old carer from Woodford Bridge in north east London also says that her neighbour's extension has taken £100,000 off the value of her home.

In 2006, Coughlan finished a loft extension in her own property - moving the kitchen to the top floor to benefit from the space and the natural light flooding in through the windows.

However, Coughlan's neighbour Tariq Ahmed's extension blocks out all natural light.

The extension has been built just 24 inches away from two windows in Coughlan's four bedroom semi-detached home.

The extension was built far wider than the changes that the council had approved.

Helen complained to the council, who confirmed that the extension was bigger than the one they had granted permission for.

However, they have argued that the only impact on the home is 'loss of light' - which is not a qualifying factor in planning applications - and therefore it can stay.

The family now fear that they will never be able to sell their home. 


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