Monarch Airlines is UK's 'least punctual' carrier

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Monarch Airlines is the least punctual suffering the longest delays of 18 minutes, according to a new report.

The Civil Aviation Authority released figures from 2013, which also showed that TAP Portugal was the second worst for delays, with average late times of 16.8 minutes.

The report, which was compiled by the website, also showed that both airlines had the most delays of more than an hour, with 6.7 per cent of Monarch's flights being this late and 6.5 per cents of TAP's.

The report compared 35 major airlines in 2013, analysing data including both the arrival and departure times from UK airports. The number of flights sampled therefore varied, with more flights from UK carriers included than European ones - for example, times for 29,606 Monarch Scheduled flights were analysed, in contrast to only 7,928 from TAP.

According to the Daily Mail, only 71.1 per cent of Monarch's flights left within 15 minutes of their scheduled departure, which is the cut-off point the CAA uses to define a flight as "on time".

Emirates also came out as not so punctual, with the least scheduled flights in 2013 deemed "on time", with 67.9 per cent, compared with Monarch's 71.1 per cent.

But the overall average delay of its flights was less than Monarch and TAP's at 15.3 minutes.

At the other end of the scale, BM regional was deemed the most punctual, with 923 per cent of its flights "on time", an average delay of only 5.5 minutes, and only 2.2 per cent of its flights over an hour late.

These stats make the airline the most punctual in Britain for the ninth year running. In second and third most punctual place was BA City Flier and KLM.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Ryanair's celebratory jingle upon landing that states "Last year over 90 per cent of Ryanair flights landed on time, beating every other European airline", wasn't true for flying in and out of the UK, with 83.9 per cent of the airline's flights being on time in 2013, putting it 8th on the list.

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