Millions of motorists driving on dodgy tyres

Caroline Cassidy
1.5 million motorists driving on dodgy tyres
1.5 million motorists driving on dodgy tyres

Pic: Getty/Rubberball

Millions of motorists could be putting their lives in danger by driving on dodgy tyres in a bid to save money. According to research by car insurance firm LV, some 1.5 million drivers are on the road with sub-standard tyres as they try to cut the cost of vehicle maintenance.

Over the past five years, 23 million sets of part-worn tyres were sold to British consumers, and of those, more than 25 per cent were not legally fit for purpose.

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Furthermore, over 50 per cent of drivers who took the part-worn option were unaware of the legal safety requirement of at least 1.6mm tread over three-quarters of the tyre.

Despite 570,000 motorists saying that they had skidded as a result of second-hand tyres, the number of motorists being stopped by police for driving on defective tyres has risen by 7,751, and increase of nine per cent, since 2009.
Those caught driving on dodgy tyres risk a £100 fixed fine and three penalty points for each sub-standard tyre, while courts can also impose a maximum fine of £2,500.

But perhaps worst of all, drivers risk their own safety, and that of other road users, by resorting to cheap, part-worn tyres.

As the LV report says: "Driving with sub-standard tyres not only compromises vehicle safety but it is also a criminal offence."

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