Brighton to create tourist tramway with city's last tram?

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A group of tram enthusiasts in Brighton are looking to restore the city's last tram to create a tourist tramway.

The volunteers at the Brighton Tram 53 Society are intent on creating the south east's leading working tramway attraction - but need £50,000 to make the dream happen.

Speaking to the Argus, Guy Hall, 52, who runs the society, said: "She was made here, ran here and we hope she can be restored and return here.

"She is a special piece of history which we think people should be able to enjoy all over again. Our ideal location would be Stanmer Park. It wouldn't have to be a big track, maybe half a mile long.

"It would take people around the church, the house and the park. It would be like nothing else in the South East."

Trams were first used in Brighton in 1901, and services ran for 38 years until 1 September 1939.

Many of the old trams were sold for the war effort, but Tram 53 sat in a shed at a Partridge Green pig farm for decades.

The group of around 60 volunteers have already raised £5,500 towards the project, but are now appealing for help to support their project.

Mr Hall added: "I would urge local businesses to help us restore this unique piece of history.
"In return we can offer them advertising onboard. This is a great opportunity to be part of something very special."

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